Read Alouds 18|19

We have been using daily (or almost daily) read alouds in math, science, language arts and history for most of a year now.  As we work to fine tune this practice, please take a couple of minutes to watch the SWAY and think about all of the books that were read this year.  You honest, and constructive, feedback is very important.

When choosing which book was most memorable or impactful, please be clear in your explanation.  For example:  Be Quiet “b/c it taught me that everything doesn’t have to be exactly what you want it to be.” or The Bad Seed “because it was about a grumpy seed that couldn’t grow until he found out he needed to be nice.”

When rating the over read aloud program, 1-5 stars, please be aware that constructive criticism is more likely to influence change, where necessary.  For example: “**** I rated this 4 stars out of 5 because they were great books and fun to read, but there were some that didn’t make sense and some that wasted time”  or “**** it calmed me down to read a book at the beginning of class.”

Thank you for your honest, constructive feedback.  Take the survey NOW.  I will be sharing results with our school community, when they are completed.


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